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Mifuko is a Finnish design company working with women’s self help groups in rural villages in Kenya.  Our collaboration with our skilled artisan groups strictly follows fair trade principles and supports our artisans in their personal and professional needs. We employ and include people who are disadvantaged, financially or by circumstance to be part of our Mifuko community.  Mifuko provides new opportunities and an optimistic view of the future.

Our diverse and distinctive Kiondo baskets are handmade with elegant Finnish design enriched by traditional Kenyan handcraft and artistry. Each basket is unique, as are each of our Artisans. Each individual Kiondo has been signed by the Artisan themselves, as a personalised gift. We mostly use recycled food-grade plastic as materials, to put a minimal strain on the environment. Part of our mission is encouraging the use of eco-friendly materials, as we believe conscientious design is the way forward. Our baskets are currently distributed around the world, and our cause is gaining substantial support.

yellow and white medium sized basket
Mifuko Yellow and White Medium Kiondo

As our Kiondos are handmade with skill, effort and joy, purchasing a sustainable Kiondo is an eco-friendly choice, as well as positively influencing the lives of many! Our progress with these self help groups is a vital part of women gaining independence and equal rights. With these tools together we help their businesses thrive, make investments for the long term future, and encourage sustainable growth in personal, professional and environmental matters. 

Thanks to Mifuko for writing this guest blog post 

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