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2 More Heads has become so much more than a shop – it’s a lifestyle now for me.

catherine mccallum story

When I first stated thinking about what this concept could be I quickly realised that my focus would be on fighting against mass consumerism, and focusing on beautiful, made to last products.

The more I researched, I just knew that I wanted to concentrate small quality brands, sustainability and the environment.  I champion the small independent businesses who are carefully carving a future for themselves in a very large retail world (myself being one of them).

I have always been really influenced by Nature and Her elements, so I buy with that in mind and can group all the products into Earth Air Fire Water.  

the view near Monachkyle Mhor

As I have moved the company on, a great focus has been on lifestyle, wellness and interior design.  I believe in balance, I believe in self-care and try to practice it as well as write about it!   

I blog about all things lifestyle – cooking, design, interior design, health, well-being, inspiration and much more.  

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