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Pushing Out of the Comfort Zone

Every year Cammie and I head down to London for a huge celebration of Burn’s Night.  We have lots of Scottish friends down there and simply put – they celebrate it better than we do!  It’s also a great excuse for a couple of kid free days and a catch up with friends.  

A few years ago Andy, who organises the whole thing, asked Cammie and I to do the Toast to Lassies and the Response from the Lassies.  He asked me just after New Year and I had promised myself that I was going to say YES to more things and try and push myself out of my comfort zone that year.  So, yes was the answer.

I was terrified before I went up, neither Cammie or I (and our good friend Donald who was also speaking at the event) could talk much, we could barely eat – our Airbnb was just a big bag of nerves.   

BUT we all did it and it was great.  The nerves had paid off and we all felt brilliant afterwards. 

Here are the top 7 things that I learnt about pushing myself:

  • People generally root for you, not against you
  • You trigger fight-or-flight mode with means you get a bit of a rush of adrenalin.
  • The support made me feel great and make me want to pay it back 100 times over.
  • Breathing deeply is important
  • It felt good to learn about something I didn’t know about
  • I felt really proud for challenging myself
  • I can lack confidence when I speak to people sometimes, this definitely helped build a bit of confidence.

I know that talking in front of people will not be a big deal for lots of people. For me it was and I was so bloody pleased I did it.

I truly think that pushing yourself is great for personal development and I try to carry this through with me in business. When, let’s face it, comfort zones are pushed on a daily basis.

As I have previously mentioned, a big thing for me this year is developing a range. I literally have no comfort zone there so it’s going to be a big one!

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