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£45.00 £28.00

Porcelain Double-ended Candlestick Holder from the Unearthed Interiors collection by Sevak Zargarian, with terrazzo style speckles. Made using parian, and polished to a smooth marble-like finish. Each end can support either a taper candle or a tea light candle.  This terrazzo style candle holder is beautifully tactile.

Dimensions: 5cm x 6cm.
Material: Unglazed parian



The Unearthed Interiors collection has a focus on interior products and accessories, handmade in Sevak’s garden studio. Each piece has shards of parian, a type of porcelain that is likened to marble once polished, incorporated into the clay. Due to the casting process, the coloured shards are dispersed throughout the body of the piece in no controllable manner. Once fired in a kiln, the pieces are sanded down to ‘unearth’ the random pattern that’s a result of the process making no two surfaces the same. Fired once more to a higher temperature makes the parian self-glaze, sealing the surface of the clay and bringing out the true colour, with a final polish to make the objects tactile and smooth to the touch.


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Black Bubbly, Red and Blue

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