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The natural sea sponge is extremely gentle on your skin when used as it opens up the pores and aids blood circulation.  The sponges are hand harvested sustainably from the Mediterranean Sea.

A luxurious addition to any bath time!

These Kalymnos natural sea sponges are 100% organic, hypoallergenic and toxin free.  They are eco-friendly as they last for up to 6 years (if rinsed and dried after use) and are fully biodegradable.

They are so soft that they are great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and babies.



Sustainably hand harvested from the Greek Island of Kalymnos, otherwise known as ‘Sponge Divers Island’.  There has been lots of research done into natural sea sponges and for years, it has been debated as to whether they are plants or animals (in ancient Greek times they were referred to as plant animals).  However Zoologists have confirmed that they are primitive cell based animals.  Sea sponges have no brain, no organs, no nerves.  As with other sea plants, they don’t talk, think, or feel.  They DO attach themselves to the bottom of the ocean and remain in one spot the rest of their lives.  The water that flows through their numerous pores provides them with everything they need to continue to live and grow. They are harvested sustainably, much like pruning roses, where the top is pruned, but they bottom is left in-tact.  For these reasons many vegans feel at ease using them.

The sea sponge is eco-friendly as they are fully biodegradable and they can last for up to 6 years (if rinsed and dried after use).  They produce and enzyme which fights against mould, bacteria and odour, making them safe for adults and infants, including babies.  They are extremely soft on the skin, making them great for sensitive skin.

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