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the view near Monachkyle Mhor



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Beetles are a little wonder of nature!  Be an explorer, scientist or artist and let yourself be inspired by these beautiful lady beetles.  Build it, play with it or hang it on the wall as a decoration.  Lady beetles have a great variety of colour and pattern on their wing covers.

Made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable ink.

Dimensions when built up: 13 x 8 x 6cm (comes as a 2 Pack)


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Studio Roof are a design house based in Holland:

Our inspiration lies in the beauty of childhood, the imagination, nature, peoples of the world, art and craftsmanship, and our drive has above all been the urge to create, and to unfold a new imagery.

The imagination is always the motive behind our collection, and we believe that imagination is  not bound by age. Our products are creations for all ages, inviting to tell stories to each other, to inspire and to be inspired.

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