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This aether room mist is purifying, refreshing and energising room spray.  Energising and uplifting peppermint and lemon, blended with air cleansing rosemary, sage and juniper berries essential oils, in a base of floral waters provide a fresh scent to purify and clear your space.

The room mist has been charged under the light of the full moon to harness it’s lunar power and infuse the water with positivity and creativity.

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Aether is the fifth element in alchemical history and early physics.  Meaning clear sky and the upper regions of the air beyond the cloud.  Originally it denoted a substance believed to occupy space beyond the sphere of the moon.

Essence and Alchemy is a Sheffield based company.  Lesley, the founder, studied Natural Sciences.  She is inspired by the elements, much like me at 2 More Heads.  Nature clearly plays a huge roll, with essential oils, floral water and the lunar powers.  We also have a shared philosophy of sustainability and simplicity.  The amber bottle are all re-useable/ recyclable and the mists come packaged in a recycled cardboard tube.



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