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We never know the worth of water till the well is dry

Thomas Fuller, Historian

There has been a massive change in public attitude to plastic in recent years – for me, seeing images of a turtle with a plastic straw through it’s head was enough of a shock to make me seriously rethink the way I used plastic.  This was all further stoked by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II and all the shocking stories of the damage that our plastic consumption is doing to the oceans and marine life.  I wanted to share the small changes that I have made in my house and in my business to show that it’s really easy.

My French market basket comes everywhere with me
  • Possibly the most obvious of them all – say no to plastic bags.  We don’t forget out ‘bags for life’ when we go to the shops anymore.  We try and buy as many loose products as possible and avoid individually wrapped products as much as possible.  A good way to do this is by trying to visit the local shops rather than massive chains, but this isn’t always possible. We are still really working on our supermarket shops. On my list to do: Veg box.
  • Bathroom products – I have switched from bottled shampoo to solid shampoo (the one I love the most is Lush, Seanick, it smells divine).  I have switched deodorant to one that is in a refillable bottle.  I use a sponge for my cleanser rather than cotton wool – the natural sea sponge is so soft.  We have ditched plastic toothbrushes in favour of bamboo ones.  I have switched to natural toothpaste – the kids are still on their toothpaste, they use only a tiny amount though so this lasts for ages.  
Natural Sea Sponge is a great alternative to wipes or cotton wool
  • Packed lunches in a packed lunch box
  • Coffee in a reusable mug (which I always have in my bag)
  • We are much more careful about recycling – we wash everything out.  I keep all glass jars as I use them to store stuff in rather than plastic containers (everything from food to makeup brushes)
My Eau Good Glass is perfect for carrying around with me
  • Meal plan where possible – now this isn’t strictly to do with plastic, but it stops us buying lunch every day at work, but also cuts back massively on food wastage which is another big thing that we have been working on.
  • Metal straws – even McDonald’s are stopping the use of plastic straws.  Paper and silicon are great alternatives too.  I think you can get glass too but I have toddlers so this isn’t an option. 
  • I take my clear wash-bag with me and reusable bottles when I am travelling – saves on last minute stock ups in the airport and also those little plastic bags when going through security.

I hope that you have found these tips useful.  Thanks to all who have let me know your suggestions too.  The veg box was top of the list so that’s definitely at the top of my to do list.  

I truly believe that if we all make small difference then over all it has a huge impact.  

While I’m alive I’ll make tiny changes to Earth 

Scott Hutchinson 

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