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Mother’s Day is coming up on the 26th March this year…. Now that I am a mum myself I appreciate the importance of my own mum, and that it’s necessary to take a bit of time to appreciate her!  I know that what most mum’s want (me being no exception), is just a couple of hours to herself.  Sadly I don’t have the gift of time-travel, but I have put together a small gift guide that will hopefully point you in the right direction.   

diamond light eric therner

Although a light fitting isn’t really a traditional gift for mum (I can imagine my mum’s disappointed face, a bit like giving her a blender/ hoover/ toaster… you get the idea), however… we do have a couple of lights and fittings that I would definitely be delighted to receive…  this DIAMOND LIGHT , designed by Eric Therner is so beautiful, it creates a gorgeous faceted light on anything that it shines on.  It works beautifully in any light fitting, but looks gorgeous with this E27 TABLE LAMP by FRAMA.  I just love the elegant, but industrial combo.  It works well in any home.

The DUA VASE AND LEUCHTE is a novel light that merges the traditional vase with a light.  A really stunning and unusual product.  You add in the plants that you want.  It works really well with water plants, submerged, but the possibilities are endless.  It’s a great merging of nature and homewares… So cool and unique. 

light from dua vase and leuchte

In the absence of my time travelling machine, a bit of a relaxation/ pamper session is always lovely.  The HAECKELS TRADITIONAL SEAWEED BATH is divine and the perfect product for quality bath time.  To make it extra special, the HAECKELS PINE CANDLE or the COUSU DE FIL BLANC NUDE CANDLE are amazing and would definitely help the ambiance.  Candles are a great gift, there are not many ladies (or gents) who I know who would be disappointed to receive one.  If you want a bit of everything, Haeckels have very made a really beautiful gift set, which includes Lip Balm, Hand Balm, Face Wash, Facial Exfoliant, Travel Candle, Bog Myrtle incense cones and a Small Soap Bar.  All of the Haeckels products are seaweed based and they harvest it themselves from the Kent coast.  They then turn it into their gorgeous products in their cliff top laboratory in Margate.   I just image this image and the waves crashing and it takes me off to my happy place!  traditional seaweed bath

kate trouw scatter necklace

Kate Trouw has design a sunning range of necklaces and earrings.  This SCATTER NECKLACE would be the perfect gift for mum to add to any outfit.  The AMARIS EARRINGS are fast becoming a staple piece and are stylish and really easy to wear.  They are a firm favourite.

DARK ORGANIC CHOCOLATEAnd finally, who could resist this absolutely delicious EARL GREY TEA AND BERGAMOT DARK CHOCOLATE.  It not only looks completely wonderful, but it also tastes incredible.  It’s is organic and gluten free. 

If you need anymore inspiration for a Mothers Day gift please do check out all our products, or you want to contact me and I’ll be delighted to help you out!  




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