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Enamelware – what’s the big deal?

So, as you know, I am a big fan of buying beautiful and buying better – enamelware fits that brief so well and here’s why:


this one is obviously quite straight forwards – the Craw Canyon splatter enamelware look great!  It’s striking and it’s the kind of kitchen ware I want to have out on display.  I use the cups daily (which you will know if you follow me on Instagram).  The salad bowl is almost in daily use too and if it’s not then it’s on display.  We use it for fruit/ crisps/ salads/ pop corn/ as a vase/ to make pizza dough…  seriously it’s always in use.  I don’t like having a lot out on display but in the words of Marie Kondo, this bowl ‘sparks joy’. 


How is this buying better?  Enamelware’s eco-friendly properties come from the fact that it can last generations if you look after it.  My mum has enamelware plates at home that we used to use as children (that’s quite a long time ago).  They are non toxic and completely food safe – even if they get chips in them they will still be food safe.  They are hygienic – they go in the dishwasher if you use one.  They are non porous so no nasty germs can get in there.  They clean well, they are child friendly (yay, no more plastic cups for us). 

They have multiple uses and my favourite is that they are perfect for the outdoors too.  We often head off on walks with a flask or coffee and these mugs come with us.  My husband is desperate to get the kids into camping (me not so much), but these will be going along on all the camping trips.  And to all my friends with camper vans……  Why shouldn’t  your camper crockery look great as well as being functional.  It may be slightly more expensive than plastic but your cost per use is way lower and your impact on the environment is also way lower….  Why is this making me want to get a camper van and head up to the wilds to explore….?

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