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2 More Heads

2019 the year to set goals not resolutions?

So what’s the difference? Well in my personal experience, a resolution is usually something that I decide on New Years Eve after a few too many shandys like, I am going to do two hours of yoga a day or I am going to climb Mount Everest this year or I am not going to drink for the whole year… Usually something that is, something I would like to do, but realistically I am not going to do it.

Setting goals is something that is attainable and that will help me throughout the year. I have written them down, I am figuring out the steps I need to take to get there and they are forming a PLAN. I do love to plan. So, I am putting them out here, to hold myself accountable. I would love to hear what your plans/ resolutions/ aims/ hopes are for 2019.

  • To release some form of 2 More Heads range. Now, this is a funny one as the wheels are in motion, and I am HOPING it will come together in 2019, but this may be a 2 year plan and that’s ok.
  • Post on the journal once a month
  • To take up more hobbies – I have found a real passion for making things from candles to macrame plant holders. I am going to nurture this and keep teaching myself new skills.
  • To take more responsibility for money – when I say this I mean I am going to have a much healthier relationship with money and stop being so awkward about it. I am changing my mindset.
  • To do more yoga – a realistic amount
  • To drink more water
  • To continue with my new found love of reading
  • To continue to live a sustainable life and make sure that we are creating less waste as a family.
  • To keep preaching to my kids (both boys) about equality/ feminism/ body positivity/ toxic masculinity etc.
  • To be kinder to myself and not worry about weight or how I am looking, but instead be mindful of how I am feeling and nourishing my body to keep it healthy.
  • To continue to redecorate my house and keep it organised (a la Marie Kondo – well nearly)
  • I am going to meet my friends more often
  • To meditate more

So, now you know mine let me know yours? What does 2019 have in store for you?

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