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2 More Heads

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I can hardly believe it but it has been a year since 2 More Heads was launched. It has been a crazy and bumpy road, with a LOT of ups and downs, but that’s the reality of running a business, isn’t it?

This all got me thinking about the juggle of working full time from home, around the kids. There are so many people who are juggling this all. How do they do it? Here’s what I do, it works for me at the moment, but I would love to hear how you do it?

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I always get up early and get showered dressed etc. If I have done that one thing, at least I feel ready to face the day fresh (as fresh as you can be when you have been up in the night!) Getting up early means going to bed early – I am generally in bed by 11pm. I am not a night owl, never have been, so working late doesn’t work for me too well. I do do it sometimes and if something needs to be done it needs to be done – but I would prefer to get up early and do that bit of work than stay up super late. The one thing about working for yourself is no one else is going to do it. It’s my responsibility and no one else’s.

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I also really struggle to work with the kids around so my work is quite restricted during the weekend and the school holidays. I try (she says typing as the kids are here and watching the BFG in their PJs) to only work when the kids aren’t around. Aside from social media, which I hide in the kitchen and do! What this does mean is I have to switch off sometimes which is definitely a good thing. It also means I don’t feel guilty when I do… I just have to do it. The world will not stop because I have taken a bit longer to reply to an email.

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I have my own time too. I love nothing more than hanging out with my friends – my girl friends have been my saviour – I am so lucky to be surrounded by inspirational women – whether it’s work related or specifically to not talk work. They are there and have my back and inspire me daily #whineandwine anyone? I try to get out to my gym class a couple of times a week too. This 100% helps with my mental health. It can definitely get lonely working from home and friends, family and exercise help!

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So please don’t let this make you think that I have it all sorted as I don’t! I change my coping methods all the time!  I really would love to hear how you do it.

Here comes the soppy bit – without my amazing family (especially my one in a million husband), my friends, my (flipping fabulous) suppliers, the people I work with, my followers and my customers 2 More Heads wouldn’t have made it through month 1 let alone year 1. Thank you all for your support and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

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